Video: The Long Way Up is an Adventure Across South America

A few weeks back I shared a video from electric vehicle company Rivian that teased a massive adventure driving across all of South and Central America from Patagonia to Los Angeles. The video was Rivian’s own promo for the journey, which is actually for a television show coming to Apple TV+ called Long Way Up. If you … Read more

Video: Long Way Up — Patagonia to L.A. in an Electric Adventure Vehicle

If you’ve been looking for something to scratch your adventure itch, it seems like Rivian and Apple TV+ may have just the thing. The two companies have joined forces to release a new travel show that is coming to Apple’s streaming service on September 18. The program will follow along as a team of adventures … Read more

Video: Why Outdoor Adventurers Should Be Excited by Rivian Vehicles

If you want to know why so many outdoor adventurers are excited about Rivian Electric Vehicles, just have a look at this video. It shows the amount of work that the company is putting into learning what climbers, hikers, skiers, and other outdoor athletes need from their truck or SUV. The engineers building the Rivian … Read more

Video: Rivian Electric Vehicles — Adventurous Forever

Over the past year and a half I have become incredibly excited about the possibilities that the Rivian electric vehicles bring to outdoor enthusiasts. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people outside the company to see Rivian’s electric pick-up truck first hand and I’ve been following their progress closely ever since. … Read more

Amazon Invests in Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Rivian

One of the coolest events that I was invited to attend last year was the unveiling of the new electric pick-up truck from Rivian. The vehicle was built from the ground up for use in the outdoors, offering exceptional range and performance, in an environmentally friendly package. Later, the company would also unveil a matching … Read more