Alex Honnold Becomes Brand Ambassador for Rivian Adventure Vehicles

I don’t normally write a lot about brands and athletes partnering with one another, but when two of my favorites come together its hard to resist. In this case, I’m talking about Alex Honnold becoming a new brand ambassador for Rivian, the electric vehicle start-up that I covered for Popular Mechanics a few weeks back … Read more

Video: Introducing the Rivian Electric Adventure Vehicles

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of visiting Plymouth, Michigan to catch the unveiling of two new electric vehicles designed with outdoor adventurers in mind. One of those vehicles is a fantastic pickup truck, while the other is an all-new SUV. Both come our way from a company called Rivian, who are … Read more

Video: The Future of Adventure Vehicles is Electric

Earlier this week I was privileged to be amongst the very first people in the world to see a new adventure-centric electric vehicle that will be launching in 2020. This electric pick-up truck is coming our way from a company called Rivian and it promises to be a powerful new way to access remote places … Read more

Will Non-Electric Vehicles be Banned in Everest Base Camp in Tibet?

There is an interesting news story making the rounds that suggest that the provincial government in Tibet could ban all vehicles going to Everest Base Camp that aren’t powered by electric motors. The new rules could be in place as early as next spring, requiring all mountaineers, support teams, guides, and even visitors to use … Read more