Everest 2012: First Summits of the Season!

Now that the weather has fallen into line, the Everest season is going according to plan and this morning we had our first successful summits of the season. As predicted throughout last week, the winds have quieted down and it looks like the current weather window will remain open through the weekend. But things look … Read more

Everest 2012: Nat Geo Team Abandons West Ridge, Everyone Else On Schedule

The waiting game continues on Everest today, where the early teams have gotten themselves into position to have a go at the summit, provided the weather window opens on schedule tomorrow. That means that most of the teams are in Camp 2 on the South Side and ABC on the North, but will likely be … Read more

Himalaya 2012: Summits On Manaslu, Ueli Ready On Everest

A new week brings new promise to the Himalaya, where the teams on Everest continue to wait while elsewhere climbers are topping out on various peaks. The week ahead should be a busy one, as it looks like the projected weather window will open on schedule, which should pave the way for another round of … Read more

Mountain Biker Wants To Take Bike To The Summit Of Everest

Last year I wrote a satirical piece for Gadling about a man who wanted to ride his mountain bike up Everest. That was an April Fools day post that managed to illicit a few laughs at the time. I promise that the following story is a real one that comes are way courtesy of Outside … Read more

Everest 2012: Himex Explains Base Camp Departure

Earlier today Himalayan Experience (Himex) posted a new newsletter to their site explaining their decision to pull the plug on their 2012 Everest season. The article, which I encourage you to read for yourself here, breaks down the reasons that team leader Russell Brice decided that Everest was just too unsafe for his guides, Sherpas … Read more

Everest 2012: South Side Schedule, North Side Nearly Ready

Everest continues to be a source of intrigue this season as teams on both sides of the mountain wait and watch for a window to open that will allow them to begin their summit bids. Today we have news on when those pushes could finally begin and the season’s endgame starts to take shape at … Read more