French Adventurer Completes Summer Crossing of Death Valley

Just yesterday I shared the story of Death Valley recently setting a record for the highest temperature ever recorded. For those that missed it, over the weekend thermometers measured the heat at more than 130ºF (54.4ºC). That’s hot enough that most people wouldn’t want to do anything outside, let alone anything that would require a … Read more

Video: Nat Geo Presents Expedition Everest 360

Last week I told you about a ground-breaking expedition to Mt. Everest that took place last spring, during which climber/photographer Renan Ozturk used specially equipped drones to capture the mountain using 360º photo technology. Meanwhile, other members of the same team climbed to the summit, while also searching for the body of missing explorer Sandy Irvine, … Read more

Video: An Antarctic Expedition Q&A with Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Hilaree Nelson, and Jim Morrison

January of 2020 may have only been four months ago at this point, but it seems like an entirely different lifetime. Back then, we were all free to travel and pursue big adventures. That was also when The North Face athletes Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Hilaree Nelson, and Jim Morrison all went on a journey … Read more

Mike Horn Talks Polar Expeditions and Climate Change with Outdoor Journal

This past fall we followed one of the most difficult, dangerous, and awe-inspiring expeditions in recent memory. That’s when Swiss explorer Mike Horn and Norwegian Børge Ousland set out on an attempt to traverse the Arctic icecap, via the North Pole, completely on foot. The duo started on the Alaskan side of the ice, with the … Read more

Arctic Research Team Disrupted When Member Tests Positive for Coronavirus

A research team that is spending a year in the Arctic to study climate change has found that not even they are safe from the coronavirus. According to reports, a member of the Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (aka MOSAIC) has tested positive for the virus, potentially infecting other members of the team. … Read more

Icarus Project Sends Two Adventurers Across Northwest Passage to Denali

If you’re looking for a big, grand, and ambitious adventure to follow now that the winter climbing season is all-but over, then look no further than the Icarus Project. The brainchild of adventurers Matthieu Bélanger and Loury Lag, the goal of this undertaking is to climb each of the Seven Summits over the course of … Read more