Video: Explore Mars in 4K

Get ready to see Mars as you’ve never seen it before. The narrator for this video says that this is the first 4K video of the surface of the Red Planet that NASA has ever provided. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I can say that the images that you’ll see here … Read more

First American Woman to Spacewalk Visits Deepest Part of the Ocean Too

Over this past weekend, a significant event in exploration history quietly took place. This past Sunday, former astronaut Kathy Sullivan left the surface of the Earth behind once again, but this time she was traveling in a different direction. Sullivan, who holds the distinction of being the first American woman to ever take a spacewalk, … Read more

Famous Forrest Fenn Treasure Found in the Rocky Mountains

A famous hidden treasure containing more then a million dollars worth of gems has reportedly been discovered, bringing an end to a controversial search that has gone on for more than a decade. Over the weekend, Santa Fe-based millionaire art dealer Forrest Fenn announced that the treasure that he had hidden in the Rocky Mountains … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 107: A Conversation with Explorer Ray Zahab

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On this week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast, we welcome our guest Ray Zahab. Ray is an amazing explorer who has traversed some of the world’s largest and most remote deserts on foot. That includes spending 111 days crossing the Sahara, as well as running across the Gobi, Atacama, and Namib Deserts as well. His … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 102: An Interview with Explorer Alice Morrison

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We’re back with another episode of The Adventure Podcast this week. For our latest episode, we’re joined by explorer Alice Morrison, who has spent the last several years trekking across the Sahara, wandering on foot through Morocco, and exploring much of Northern Africa. This former BBC journalist left that job to become a full-time adventurer … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 99: Continuing Your Adventures in the Time of the Coronavirus

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We’re back with another episode of The Adventure Podcast this week, with a focus on a topic that is on a lot of people’s minds right now. For our main discussion, my co-host Dave Adlard and I discuss ways for you to get your adventure fix in the age of the coronavirus. Obviously, many of … Read more