Video: How to Tell an Epic Adventure Story with Cory Richards

Mountaineer and photographer Cory Richards has had the opportunity to witness and take part in some fairly outstanding adventures over the years. During that time, he’s also learned a thing or two about telling a story as seen through the lens of his camera. In this video, he shares tips with how we can learn … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 108: A Chat with Adventure Filmmakers Erik Nachtrieb and Viv Smith

Adventure Podcast Banner

The long Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. is throwing off all sense of time, particularly when coupled with the ongoing pandemic. Believe it or not however, it is Wednesday, which means we have a new episode of the The Adventure Podcast to share. This week, we’re joined by adventure filmmakers Erik Nachtrieb and … Read more

Video: How Danny MacAskill Makes Those Awesome Bike Videos

We’ve all seen those fun, entertaining, and incredibly well done bike videos that Danny MacAskill produces on a regular basis. Usually after watching one, we first wonder “How the heck does he do that?” But later, after we’ve finished marveling over MacAskill’s skills on a bike, you might also wonder how exactly those videos are … Read more

Video: A Stay-At-Home Ski Movie

We all know that in these unusual times we have to get a little creative to keep ourselves occupied and continuing to put a little adventure into our lives. That’s exactly what filmmaker Philipp Klein Herrero¬†did wheel creating his “#HomePro Freeride Skiing” video. Using his GoPro camera and a large dose of imagination and creativity, … Read more

Free Solo Wins Academy Award for Best Documentary Film

If you didn’t happen to catch the Academy Awards last night, you missed an odd awards show that didn’t feature a host, started with a rousing rock and roll number by the surviving members of Queen, and included some of the strangest acceptance speeches in recent memory. You also missed a historical win in the … Read more