Xpediton.tv Short Adventure Film Challenge Winners Announced

Back in May, Xpedition.tv launched a new short adventure film competition which was focused on looking for emerging talent in the outdoor adventure world. The competition was broken down into three categories with winners being honored for being the “Most Inspiring,” “Most Innovative” and “Most Surprising.” Earlier this week the winners were announced and there … Read more

Xpedition.TV Launches Adventure Filmmaking Competition

Xpedition.TV is a new website whose mission is to showcase new adventure films while also helping aspiring filmmakers to find funding for their personal projects. The site looks to mentor those filmmakers while also organizing a series of challenge awards that will help them to gain exposure. Today at MountainFilm they have announced the first of those competitions in the … Read more

Video: Climber Renan Ozturk’s Cinematography Reel

Climber and filmmaker Renan Ozturk gets to do some amazing things while visiting some amazing places. Something that we’re reminded of while viewing his beautiful cinematography reel that shows off his talent. The video was posted by Camp 4 Collective as an example his work but it also serves well as an inspiration for adventure. … Read more

Filmmaker Set To Sail The Pacific In Search Of Adventure And “Guapo”

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for expeditions that plan to set off in search of nebulous adventures. The kind that don’t have a lot of concrete goals per se, but are just looking for adventure in what ever form it arrives. That happens to be exactly what three filmmakers have in … Read more