Video: The Making of Free Solo with Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

The climbing film Free Solo has been cleaning up during the awards season, most recently winning the Bafta for best documentary. Throughout its media blitz, Alex Honnold –– the climber at the heart of the film –– has gotten a lot of attention, as has director Jimmy Chin. But there is a second director who deserves … Read more

Free Solo Nabbed an Oscars Nom and Deserves the Win

We don’t normally do much reporting on entertainment news here at The Adventure Blog, but when a major climbing film gets an Oscar nomination it’s worth commenting on. Earlier in the week, Free Solo, the epic documentary about Alex Honnold’s 2017 ascent of El Capitan without ropes, found itself amongst the finalist in the “Best Documentary … Read more

Video: How Jimmy Chin and Company Filmed Free Solo

By now, everyone knows that Free Solo is the amazing documentary that follows Alex Honnold as he climbs El Capitan without ropes. The film has been both a critical and financial success, drawing crowds that wouldn’t normally go see this type of movie. But if you’ve ever wondered exactly how they filmed Honnold on his ascent, … Read more

Video: Alex Honnold – What If He Falls?

We all know that Alex Honnold set a new standard for climbers by free soloing El Capitan in Yosemite last year. That endeavor brought a lot of challenges, not just for Honnold, but the climbers and filmmakers who followed along with him. The question is, did those cameramen make things more dangerous for Alex? More … Read more

Video: Climbing Janhukot in the Inidan Himalaya

The short documentary film below is another in a line of remarkable mountaineering and climbing documentaries that we’ve seen in recent months. This time, we travel to the Garwhal Himalaya in Indian to join British climbers Malcolm Bass, Paul Figg and Guy Buckingham as they set out to make the first ascent of Janhukot, a remote … Read more

Nat Geo Explains How Jimmy Chin Filmed Free Solo

We’re nearing the release of the new climbing film Free Solo, which documents Alex Honnold’s climb up El Capitan without using ropes. That was a herculean display of skill and strength that perhaps no one else in the world could have pulled off. But in order to make a film of that historic ascent, there … Read more

Adventure Tech: GoPro Hero 7 Brings Improved Stability

Just like clockwork, GoPro has announced its annual updates to its line of action cameras, bringing some improved functionality and image quality to its already industry-leading designs. The new Hero 7 camera resembles its predecessor in many ways, but comes equipped with onboard image stabilization that the company says pretty much removes the need for … Read more

Video: A Cosmic Voyage with the New DJI Mavic 2 Drone

Yesterday we got our first look at the new DJI Mavic 2 drone, which brings improved cameras for filmmakers and photographers. Today, we’re getting a good look at exactly what these drones can do, courtesy of the video below. It is a highlight reel shot with using the Mavic 2, and as you’ll see the … Read more