French Inventor to Attempt English Channel Crossing on a Hoverboard

This week marks the 110th anniversary of the first airplane flight between the U.K. and France. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, a French inventor and daredevil will attempt to replicate that same journey using a hoverboard instead. On Thursday, Franky Zapata will set out Sangatte and head towards St. Margaret’s Bay on a Flyboard Air, … Read more

Video: Introducing Mountain Skiing in the French Alps

Skiing and mountaineering have always been activities that have naturally gone together, but in this video you’ll see something a little different. It features French Alpine Ski Team member Alex Pitting and Tony Lamiche, former French rock climbing and ice climbing champion, as they head up into the mountains looking for steep slopes to climb and … Read more

Video: Patagonia Celebrates 30 Years in Chamonix

Back in 1987, Yvon and Malinda Chouinard decided to move the headquarters of the outdoor brand Patagonia to the French resort village of Chamonix. There, at the foot of Mt. Blanc, the company grew into the influential force that it is today. In this video, the company celebrates its 30th anniversary in Chamonix by saluting … Read more

Video: Speedflying at Night in Chamonix

Speedflying (aka Speed Riding) is the combination of skiing and paragliding down a mountain. The combination of the two activities opens up opportunities for skiers to soar over sections of a mountain that would normally be impossible to shred, while safely dropping off big cliffs along the way. In the case of this video, the … Read more

New Documentary Le Ride Recreates Grueling 1928 Tour de France

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, why not check to see if a new documentary called Le Ride is playing in your area. The film is debuting in theaters across the U.S. this evening, and promises to be quite an enthralling experience for cyclists and fans of the Tour de France. For those … Read more

Video: Chris Sharma Makes First Ascent of Pont-d’ Arc in France

In this video, climber Chris Sharma travels to the south of France to attempt the first ascent of a stone arch known as the Pont-d’ Arc. The rock formation serves as the gateway to the Ardèche Canyon, with the Ardèche River running through it. Over the past few years, Sharma has become increasingly drawn to deepwater … Read more

Aleksander Doba Nears End of Atlantic Crossing, Spots Land for the First Time

Ocean kayaker Aleksander Doba is nearing the end of his third Atlantic crossing and has hit a major milestone along the way. The Polish adventurer was recently spotted near the Isles of Scilly, off the coast of Britain, and is now said to be less than 100 miles from the coast of France, where it … Read more