Video: Who Need’s Wingsuits? –– Introducing Proximity Floating

Wingsuit videos have been extremely popular in recent years, and for good reason. They usually offer an adrenaline-inducing experience that is combined with amazing scenery too. But in this clip, the two filmmakers ask “Who need’s wingsuits?” by offering a similar –– and in many ways equally interesting –– experience underwater instead. The results aren’t … Read more

Video: One Breath Around The World

I wasn’t sure what to expect when my friend Louis-Philippe Loncke shared this video with me via Facebook. I went into it pretty much completely blind, trusting his instincts in these matters. I’d recommend that you do the same, although I will tell you that this incredibly beautiful clip features free diver Guillaume Néry as … Read more

The 25 Best Adventure Photos of the Past 25 Years

Men’s Journal has another great story for us today, this time giving readers their picks for the 25 best adventure photos from the past 25 years. As you can probably imagine, these images are some of the most iconic, inspiring, and downright amazing that you’ll ever see. And for those of us who fancy ourselves as … Read more

North Pole 2015: Thomas Ulrich Begins Solo Ski Expedition to Canada

It has been a busy week at the North Pole, where the Bareno Ice Camp continues to serve as a temporary base for researchers, explorers, and adventurers. This year’s camp has been open for a couple of weeks now, which means it is nearing the end of its lifespan, but it will continue to see … Read more

Video: Cave Diving Along The North Shore Of Hawaii

The latest video from the folks at Makai Creative certainly is beautiful.  Shot of the North Shore of Oahu, the short film captures some adventurous divers exploring underwater sea caves. The natural lighting is amazing to watch, but what is even more impressive is that this group wasn’t using any scuba gear on their dive … Read more

Video: Freediver Yasemin Dalkilic Tells Us About Her Dream Home

Like most of us, nine-time world freediving champion Yasemin Dalkilic has an idea of what her dream home is like and she describes it quite vividly in this charming video. Turns out her perfect home is a lot like the Aquarius Reef Base near Key Largo, Florida. The base, which has fallen on hard times … Read more