Make a Virtual Kilimanjaro Climb to Support Tanzanian Porters

By now, we all know that the coronavirus has had a profound and lasting impact on the world around us. Since the pandemic spread to a global level back in March, entire industries have ground to a halt, while numerous countries and regions have gone into lockdown. Naturally, the travel industry has been amongst the … Read more

The Island Challenge is a Survival Training Experience for a Good Cause

If you’re looking for an interesting adventure to take part in 2018, we just might have something of interest for you. The Island Challenge is billed as the “ultimate survival experience,” sending participants on a three-day odyssey to hone their outdoor skills, while also raising funds for an important charitable cause. The Island Challenge will … Read more

British Adventurer Will Trek Home for Christmas to Raise Funds to Combat PTSD

A former British solider will embark on a very personal trek later this year as he seeks to raise funds for the Combat Stress organization, a charity dedicated to helping veterans from the U.K. deal with PTSD. The trek is called Walking Home for Christmas, and it draws some inspiration from a concept promoted by … Read more

Help Expedition Alaska Crowdfunding Efforts, Get Some Cool Gear

Last summer I was part of the team that put on the Expedition Alaska adventure race, during which we hosted some of the best AR teams in the world on a grueling 400+ mile (643 km) course through the Alaskan wilderness. It was an epic event, held in an epic location, that was both thrilling … Read more

Ripcord Travel Protection Supporst Anti-Poaching Efforts Namibia by Running an Ultramarathon

My friends over at Ripcord Travel Protection have been very busy lately. In addition to lending a hand to travelers all over the world, they’ve also gearing up for one of the most demanding ultramarathons in the world – the 250 km (155 mile) Sahara Race held in Namibia. But they won’t be undertaking this … Read more

Comedians Set To Hold Highest Gig Ever On Everest

The Everest climbing season may still be a month and a half off just yet, but we’re already starting to see why some people feel the highest mountain in the world has devolved into a bit of a circus. This is the time of year when we get all kinds of announcements about unusual records … Read more

Two Round-The-World Cyclers Seek Crowd Sourced Funding For Their Expeditions

Two different long-distance cyclists are seeking modest funding through crowd sourcing to help get their expeditions to the finish line.Both of them are trying to complete very different projects in very similar ways as they attempt to cover the final legs of their individual journeys that have taken them to the far reaches of the … Read more

Motocross Champ Ryan Dungey Leads Cycling Event For A Cause

Cyclists looking for a good, single-day summer challenge should check MN Major River-to-River Ride that takes place later in the month. The event, which is headlined by motocross champion Ryan Dungey, will take place on Sunday, June 28 and will provide two unique and scenic courses for riders of all ages and skill levels. It … Read more

Expedition Denali: Inspiring Diversity In The Outdoors

Way back in May of last year I shared a story about an upcoming expedition to Denali that had some much bigger goals than simply reaching the summit of the highest peak in North America. The climb, which is being organized by NOLS, will feature a team that is entirely made up of African American … Read more