Adventure Quickies: Mother-Daughter Traverse of Iceland, Polar Bear Fatality in Svalbard, and More

It’s Friday, which means its time for my weekly round-up of all of the unique and interesting stories that I didn’t have the space or time to cover elsewhere. That can include new from the world of exploration and adventure, gear and travel deals, or news about the environment. Either way, here are a few … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Eco-Challenge Final Standings, the Passing of a Legendary Sherpa, and more

Each Friday I share a rundown of some stories that I didn’t have the time or space to post elsewhere. Typically, these “adventure quickies” focus on travel, environmental, and gear related topics that you may find interesting, but may have also flown beneath your radar. As usual, there are a lot of things happening and … Read more

Video: Ben Stookesberry Answers All Your Whitewater Kayaking Questions

Eddie Bauer continues it’s “Outdoor Curious” series of videos today by having pro kayaker Ben Stookesberry answer all of your questions about whitewater paddling. These very informative clips are fantastic and really interesting, and this one is no exception. I learned a lot once again and there is a good chance you will too. Enjoy!

Adventure Quickies: Doug Scott’s Final Everest Climb, 2020 Piolet d’Or Winners, and More

Every Friday I try to share a few interesting and unique stories from the outdoor and exploration space that you may have missed elsewhere. I call these my “Adventure Quickies” as they are short, to the point, and relevant to the passions that we all share. That includes, interesting expeditions, travel deals, gear reviews and … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Italian Town Threatened By Melting Ice, Good News for Antarctic Penguins, and More

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Video: Should You Use Trekking Poles When Hiking?

Amongst hikers and backpackers, there are two different camps—those who use trekking poles and those who don’t. I’m squarely in the “use ’em” category on anything longer than a few miles, but I know plenty of people who avoid them altogether. This video, which comes our way courtesy of REI, explores whether or not you … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Best Place for Stargazing, Removing Trash From Everest, and More

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Adventure Quickies: America Invests in its National Parks, Tips for Taking Kids Camping, and More

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