Gear of the Year from Outside

Outside Magazine has announced their Gear of the Year Award Winners. You can read the complete list here. Each year, Outside puts the latest and greatest gear through rigorous testing to determine which items win the coveted awards. This year’s list has some great products, like the Nikon D50 Digital SLR camera, which I picked … Read more

The iPod’s impact on Travel

It’s no secret I dig my gadgets. And one of the coolest of all gadgets is the iPod. National Geographic Traveler Magazine has posted a really cool little article about how useful the iPod can be when taking a trip. Of course, we all know that it can provide hours of entertainment on a long … Read more

Phone Home From Anywhere!

Robert Young Pelton, the author of The World’s Most Dangerous Places has written a short, yet informative, article for his column over at National Geographic Adventure that focuses on making phone calls from anywhere on the planet. He discusses using local phone lines and cell services in many countries, using satellite phones, and even using … Read more

Gadgets for the Road Warrior

It’s no secret that I love my gadgets. I’ve got my share of GPS devices, MP3 and portable video players, digital cameras, and more. We’re a technology driven society, and these new gizmos are allowing us to travel, work, and play in comfort and style, while still staying in touch with friends and family, and … Read more

New GoLite Catalog

Yesterday, when I checked my mailbox, along with the assorted pre-approved credit card applications and coupon flyers, I was happy to see the new Spring/Summer 06 GoLite Catalog had arrived. For anyone who doesn’t know, GoLite is a great company who makes some excellent outdoor gear, all of which subscribes to the “go light, go … Read more

More Powerful GPS Goes Live!

According to , the Government has thrown the switch on a new, more powerful, and accurate, GPS signal. This new GPS system will allow for better signals in urban areas, and possibly indoors, and will work in smaller devices, making possible for GPS on your cell phone. Our older GPS devices may be able … Read more

Gear: How Many Packs Do I Need?

I was prepping my daypack last night for a possible weekend excursion, and I got to thinking about all the different packs I own.. I recently bought a new daypack as the one I was using was getting to be a bit too small. Currently, I have four backpacks, each with it’s own, distinct, purpose. … Read more