Adventure Quickies: Fall Himalayan Expeditions, Space Toilets, Cycling Masks, and More

Most weeks there are more stories to share than time or space provides. Because of this, I routinely write a column that I call “Adventure Quickies” that is posted on Fridays. It contains a brief summaries of these stories, along with links to where you can find out more. Here is this week’s line-up of … Read more

Attempt to Recover Angela Madsen’s Rowboat Begins as Another Rower Begins Pacific Crossing

Yesterday, the tightly-knit community of ocean rowers was shocked by the news that Angela Madsen had passed away while attempting her solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean. Madsen’s body was found still tethered to her boat on Monday after she failed to check in with her home team. Now, an effort is underway to recover … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 111: The End of the Trail…For Now!

Adventure Podcast Banner

After taking last week off for a much-needed break, The Adventure Podcast returns this week, although we have a major announcement to make at the top of the show. Moving forward, the podcast is going on hiatus, as this week I started a new job that will make scheduling a challenge, at least for a … Read more

The North Face, Patagonia, and REI Pull Facebook Ads Due to Spread of Misinformation

Two stalwarts of the outdoor industry have drawn a line in the sand with the world’s largest social network. Both The North Face, Patagonia, and REI have elected to pull their advertising dollars from Facebook over the continued spread of misinformation, racists viewpoints, troubling conspiracy theories, and “hateful lies.” All three companies, which are obviously … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Altitude Sickness Drug Treats COVID-19, Robot Sloths, and More

My Friday “Adventure Quickies” post is all about sharing some interesting and unique news stories that I didn’t have the time or space to cover elsewhere. That can include gear reviews and deals, travel news, exciting discoveries, and so much more. So, with that in mind, here are a few things you may have missed … Read more