So, how was your weekend?

Ever have one of those cool weekends where everything sort of comes together well for you and makes for a fun and interesting experience? I just had one of those, with a few really great moments, and I thought I’d share. My weekend actually started a bit early, kicking into gear on Thursday night. After … Read more

Mountain Hardwear Wants To Fund Your Expedition!

I saw this short but sweet post over on the Hardwear Sessions Blog today. Seems that gear manufacturer Mountain Hardwear is looking for worthy expeditions to fund. Here’s the full post: Mountain Hardwear sponsors a wide range of expeditions. If you have an original project that you believe deserves sponsorship, we’d like to hear from … Read more

Images of Adventure

The Guardian’s Travel Section had a cool post today about a new photo exhibit being pout on by the Royal Geographic Society that offers up “Portraits of Adventure”. The exhibit, which consists of more than 60 photos, is on display starting today and runs through the 3rd of August at the Royal Geographic Society building … Read more