Cave Explorers Recount Harrowing Race Against Time in Flooded Cavern

A few months back the world was transfixed by the story of a young soccer team in Thailand that became stranded in a cave when rising water closed off their only means of escape. If you thought that was a harrowing experience however, then wait until you read an article that was posted to the … Read more

Video: An Expedition to Climb Ushba – A Remote Mountain in Georgia

Ushba is a remote peak located in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. Standing 4710 meters (15,452 ft) in height, Ushba is a daunting climb that begins with a trek into the starting point on foot. In this video, we join a team of climbers that includes Samuel Anthamatten, Markus Eder, and Leo Slemett as they travel … Read more

Nat Geo Gives Us 10 Places That Deserve More Visitors

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Video: Exploring the Ancient Silk Road

There is no better way to explore a region of the world than by traveling overland. In this video, we join just such a journey following the historic Silk Road, which once opened trade routes between Asia and Europe. In this case, filmmaker Nicolas Bori spent 120 days traveling 18,000 km (11,185 miles) through China, Mongolia, … Read more

Video: The Trail to Kazbegi – Mountain Biking Through the Caucasus Mountains

Looking for a healthy dose of adventure today? Check out this video that follows a team of four mountain bikers on a 10-day journey through the Caucasus Mountains in the country of Georgia. Along the way they discover a host of challenges that include raging rivers, snowcapped peaks, trails that feature tough climbs and blistering … Read more

Video: The Mountains of Abkhazia

Abkhazia is a small, disputed, territory in the country of Georgia that falls on the south-western flanks of the Caucasus Mountains. It is a little known part of the world, but one that is incredibly beautiful. The video below takes us into this region, deliver some outstanding imager from Abkhazia, which looks rich with possibilities … Read more

Video: Mountain Biking in the Caucasus Mountain Range

Our friends at EpicTV have brought us another great mountain biking video, as this time we head to the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia to take on some fantastic looking trails with Tito Tomasi. The ride crosses through small mountain villages, and over some spectacular passes, giving us a glimpse of a part of the world … Read more