Video: Glacier National Park in 4K

Take trip to one of my favorite places on the planet in this video, which captures some of the stunning landscapes of Glacier National Park in stunning fashion. One of the truly special places in America’s national park system, Glacier is a place that should be on every travelers list. It is breathtakingly gorgeous, has … Read more

Bison-Taunting National Park Visitor Sentenced to 130 Days in Jail

A few weeks back I shared the story of a recent visitor to Yellowstone National Park who made the very foolish move of getting out of his vehicle to taunt a bison. The incident was captured on video, and soon went viral across the Internet. The man was later identified as none other than 55-year … Read more

Yellowstone Visitor Arrested After Taunting Bison

If you’re looking for what not to do in America’s national park, here’s a hint: don’t mess with the wildlife. A visitor to Yellowstone found this out recently when he allegedly taunted a massive bison, narrowly escaping potential bodily harm when the creature charged him. Later, the man was arrested after he had already moved on … Read more

Video: Zac and Dylan Efron in Glacier National Park

Awhile back, we shared the very funny clip of Zan Efron, and his brother Dylan, applying to be gear testers for Columbia Sportswear. That clip ended with the two siblings setting out for Glacier National Park to try out their new equipment. Now, we have the follow-up video of their adventure in the park, which … Read more

Video: Take a Tour of the Rockies (by Drone)

If you’re in need of an escape today, than allow this clip to be of assistance. It is less than two minutes in length, but takes us on a whirlwind tour of some amazing national parks, including Jasper and Banff and Canada, and Glacier and Grand Teton here in the States. The landscapes are epic … Read more

Video: Driving The “Going to the Sun” Road in Glacier National Park

Slicing through Glacier National Park, the “Going to the Sun” road, just might be the most scenic drive in North America. The 53-mile (85 km) stretch of highway passes thick forests, alpine lakes, and snowcapped peaks that will captivate any traveler. The video below captures the spirit of that ride incredibly well, and has the … Read more