Google Earth Helps Researchers Locate Untouched Rainforest in Mozambique

Last week I shared a story of one type of technology –– in this case a drone –– helped researchers discover an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon. Today, we have this story about a completely different type of technology that is allowing scientists to fill in the blank spots on the map and discover places … Read more

15-Year Old Canadian Boy Discovers Lost City in Mexico

A 15-year old boy from Quebec is making headlines today for discovering a lost Mayan city in Mexico. The boy used knowledge of ancient astronomy and Google Earth to locate what appears to be remnants of the civilization that thrived across Central America 2000 years ago.  While looking at maps of the locations of Mayan … Read more

Video: Kathmandu To The Summit Of Everest Via Google Earth – Updated!

Updated: Okay, so the original video I placed here was suddenly password protected. I guess they didn’t want us to see what they were showing off. So, I’ve replaced it with a classic clip from Alan Arnette that gives us great insight into an Everest climb up the South Col Route. Enjoy! As is tradition … Read more

Google Earth Gets An Upgrade For The Outdoor Crowd

One of my favorite computer programs is Google Earth, the free software from the wizards at Google that lets you explore the planet from your easy chair. It has always been a fantastic program for travelers and outdoor adventurers alike, and Google keeps updating it, adding new features, and giving us more reason to love … Read more

Google Earth Helps Scientists Discovery Unexplored Forest

Here’s a great story in the Telegraph today about how Google Earth was used to discover a hidden forest that had remained unexplored and untouched by man, until the first exploration party visited the region recently. It seems scientists were using Google’s amazing satellite imaging software to examine remote regions of Mozambique when they discovered … Read more

Google Earth Hits The iPhone

I’ve made it no secret that Google Earth is one of my favorite computer programs. It’s crammed with all kinds of information and data about a nearly every place on the planet, and is a great tool for travelers looking for information on their next big destination. On top of that, it shows topography, trail … Read more