Video: A Compilation of Animal Encounters Caught on GoPro Cameras

There is no question that the GoPro camera revolutionized the way capture video, providing the ability to chronicle just about every aspect of an adventure. Because of this, those ubiquitous little action cameras have been used in extreme sports, outdoor filmmaking, travel videos, and so much more. Over the years, this has led to some … Read more

Video: A Stay-At-Home Ski Movie

We all know that in these unusual times we have to get a little creative to keep ourselves occupied and continuing to put a little adventure into our lives. That’s exactly what filmmaker Philipp Klein Herrero did wheel creating his “#HomePro Freeride Skiing” video. Using his GoPro camera and a large dose of imagination and creativity, … Read more

Video: Highlights From Red Bull Rampage 2019

A few weeks back we shared a video of Brandon Semenuk’s winning run at the 2019 Red Bull Rampage. As you would expect, it was filled with some amazing highlights that included gravity-defying tricks, massive drops, and impressive bike handling skills. Semenuk wasn’t the only one putting on a display of precision riding however, as … Read more

Video: GoPro Takes Us to the Great Barrier Reef

One of the more intriguing technologies that GoPro has been touting in its Fusion camera is something called Overcapture. Essentially, this is the action camera company’s take on shooting 360º video, but up until now we haven’t seen a lot of great clips that take advantage of this feature. But the video below illustrates its effectiveness … Read more