Video: Take a Helicopter Tour of Mt. Everest

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is of course a major bucket-list event for many adventure travelers, and rightfully so. Walking amongst the Himalayan giants is a humbling and awe-inspiring experience for sure. But seeing those same peaks from above –– including Mt. Everest itself –– provides a completely different perspective. You’ll get a chance to … Read more

Travel Insurance Companies Threaten to Drop Coverage of Nepal Once Again

Anyone who has ever spent any time in Nepal can tell you that it is an amazing place. The landscapes, history, culture, and people there are wonderful, leaving lasting impressions that will stick with you long after you’ve gone home. But, anyone who has spent any meaningful time there will also tell you that it … Read more

Nepali Government Cracks Down on “Fake Rescue” Scam Amongst Trekkers

The Nepali government says that it is cracking down on a long-running scam amongst helicopter companies, trekking operators, and hospitals that has potentially bilked millions of dollars out of insurance companies over the years. This latest corruption scandal –– one of many to come out of the Himalayan country in recent years –– has occurred … Read more

Nepali Municipality Bans Use of Helicopters at Annapurna Base Camp

Officials from the Kaski District in rural Nepal have announced new regulations that ban the use of helicopters at Annapurna Base Camp. The local government says that it is taking these measures to cut down on the number of flights throughout the region and in an effort to promote and preserve trekking activities in the … Read more

Video: Heli Mountain Biking in the Andorra Mountains

Heli-skiing has been a popular way to get into the backcountry for awhile now, so it only seems natural that mountain bikers would use the same method of transportation to more easily reach remote trails. In this video, we hop a flight with Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy as they head out into mountains of Andorra to … Read more