Video: Should You Use Trekking Poles When Hiking?

Amongst hikers and backpackers, there are two different camps—those who use trekking poles and those who don’t. I’m squarely in the “use ’em” category on anything longer than a few miles, but I know plenty of people who avoid them altogether. This video, which comes our way courtesy of REI, explores whether or not you … Read more

Illegal Thru-Hikers on Appalachian Trail Call into Question Backpacking During the Pandemic

Most of 2020 has been a strange year when it comes to getting outdoors and pursuing our favorite adventures. Many countries across the globe closed parks and trails in an effort to keep people at home, where they were safe. That included here in the U.S., where even the long-distance hikes like the Appalachian Trail … Read more

Video: We Hike to Heal

As if we needed further proof of the positive impact that being in the outdoors can have on our lives, along comes this video. It shares the story of Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters, who have hit upon a powerful combination of inspiring women to journal their thoughts, meditate, and spend quality time in the outdoors. … Read more