Bahrainis Go For Everest Speed Record

Our friends over at are reporting that two men from Bahrain will attempt to not only become the first men from their country to reach the summit on Everest, they plan to do it in record time. Even more daunting, is the fact that these fools…er…climbers, have no previous climbing experience, and will spend … Read more

Three Teams Go For Gasherbrum IV Summit is reporting that three teams will attempt to summit Gasherbrum IV, a remote and seldom visited peak in the Karakorum, during the upcoming climbing season. Just 75 meters shy of joining the 8000 meter peak list, Gasherbrum IV is known for it’s challenging technical climbs, and dangerous weather. The last attempts to summit the … Read more

ExWeb Interviews Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

There is a short, but sweet interview with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner over at Kaltenbrunner is one of the best female high alpine climbers in the world, holding more 8000 meter summits than any other woman. It’s a good read, with some insights into her personality. They talk about her approach to climbing the 14 8000 … Read more

More on Everest Peace Project

I posted about this a few weeks back, but since it’s such a cool project/expedition, I thought I’d point out another source for more info. as this article up about the Everest Peace Project . You’ll recall, that this is the climbing team made of of people from several different countries and religions, who … Read more

2006 Himalayan Climbing Season Set to Begin!

The Everest, and Himalayan in general, climbing season is set to kick begin. And according to there are already nine teams on the mountain’s South side, preparing to make their push. On top of that, another 20+ teams are signed up to challenge the North face, with 10 more expeditions planned for other Himalayan … Read more

Everest Peace Project has this article about an interesting climbing team composed of climbers from “seven countries and five religions” with a goal to promote peace and understanding amongst men. It’s called The Everest Peace Project, founded by Lance Trumbul, an American Buddhist, who came up with the idea of creating a team of climbers made of … Read more

Insights On Everest

A couple of quick notes for anyone interested in climbing, especially the big alpine climbers. First up, has this article about a young man who is a mild mannered accountant who has become an accomplished mountain climber. Scott McNaughton will be attempting his most challenging climb to date in a few weeks however when … Read more

Lafaille Profile at

If you’ve been reading my blog this past week, you’ve seen my posts regarding the missing climber, Jean Christophe Lafaille, on Makalu, the fifth highest mountain in the world. Lafaille went missing after he attempted a solo ascent in Winter, probably the hardest way to attack a mountain. has posted an excellent profile of … Read more

Update on Makalu

Yesterday I posted about Jean Christophe Lafaille, the climber who was attempting a solo winter summit of Makalu, but had been missing since last Thursday. has posted an update on the situation. In a nutshell, a helicopter reached basecamp yesterday, but found only three sherpas who had not heard from Lafaille since last Tuesday … Read more

Climber Missing On Makalu is reporting that Jean Christophe Lafaille, who is attempting to climb Makalu, solo and in winter no less, has gone missing. He last reported in via satellite phone to his wife last Thursday, the day before he made his summit bid. At the time, reported that his batteries were failing, but that he was … Read more