Video: Adventure Dogs Are Awesome!

Massive hurricanes, political strife, and an ongoing pandemic are all making life pretty difficult at the moment. Few things can lift your spirts and put a smile on your face more quickly than dogs romping around in the outdoors. Thankfully, GoPro has put together a great mash-up of all kinds pups going on adventures. In … Read more

YETI+ is the Streaming Service of Streams

In these challenging times we all have to find unique ways to keep ourselves entertained. For some, that means reading books, working out at home, and binge watching television shows and movies on their favorite streaming services. Between Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and a plethora of other such services, we now have more … Read more

Video: Kilian Jornet Retires From Running to Go Fishing

I wan’t completely sure that it was a good idea to celebrate April Fool’s Day today considering everything that is going on in the world. Then, Salomon released this video of Kilian Jornet announcing his retirement from mountain running to take up fishing instead. The video itself is actually fairly convincing, but the product page … Read more