India to Honor Mountaineer Who Faked Everest Summit?

Here’s an interesting story brought to my attention courtesy of the Adventure Mountain blog. The site_which is run by longtime adventure sports journalists Stephen Nestler_says that on Sunday, India will hand out its annual National Sports Awards for 2020. Among those being honored is a young man by the name of Narender Singh Yadav, who claims … Read more

Men’s Journal Picks the Toughest Rock Climbing Routes in the World

Attempting to rank the toughest climbing routes in the world is no easy task. After all, there are literally hundreds of thousands to choose from, and the qualities that separate the most difficult of them from one another are often intangible, completely arbitrary, and wide open for debate. Still, the team over at Men’s Journal … Read more

Video: Nouria Newman Solo Kayaks India

What happens when world-champion paddler Nouria Newman travel to India to make a solo kayaking journey on three of that country’s rivers? You’ll find out in this video, which takes us along for the ride. Nouria spent seven days exploring the Indus and other Indian rivers, finding all kinds of challenges along the way. The … Read more

Video: Climbing Janhukot in the Inidan Himalaya

The short documentary film below is another in a line of remarkable mountaineering and climbing documentaries that we’ve seen in recent months. This time, we travel to the Garwhal Himalaya in Indian to join British climbers Malcolm Bass, Paul Figg and Guy Buckingham as they set out to make the first ascent of Janhukot, a remote … Read more