Video: Climbing an Unclimbed Peak in the Indian Himalaya

Back in May o this year, three British climbers –– Malcolm Bass, Paul Figg and Guy Buckingham –– travels deep into the Indian Himalaya to attempt the first ascent of a Janhukot, a difficult and demanding peak that has turned back all attempts for decades. The three men filmed their expedition and soon we’ll be getting … Read more

Himalaya Fall 2018: More Updates From the Mountains as Season Winds Down

There is no doubt that the bulk of the autumn climbing season in Nepal and Tibet is behind us, with most of the teams already come and gone. But there is still news to share from across the region as a few squads continue to wrap up their expeditions and take advantage of a few … Read more

Video: This Inspiring Climber Summited Everest, Now She Encourages Others to Explore Too

Mountaineer Tine Mena is the first woman from her region of India to reach the summit of Everest, after which she returned home a hero. She now serves as a source of inspiration for her community, but rather than just rest on her laurels and soak up the adulation, she is now working to inspire … Read more

Popular Mechanics Takes a Look at the 7 Tallest Unclimbed Mountains in the World

With all 14 8000-meter peaks conquered, the Seven Summits subdued, and countless other peaks routinely climbed on a regular basis, it is easy to forget that there are also plenty of mountains out there that have yet to be summited. In fact, there are quite a collection of extremely difficult challenges left for ambitious mountaineers, … Read more

Himalaya Fall 2017: No Word From Lhotse, Heavy Snow on Manaslu

It has been a few days since I posted any updates from the Himalaya. There are still several teams in the big mountains, although there numbers have definitely dwindled at this point of the season. Still, we’re keeping a close eye on several expeditions and anxiously awaiting word on their status. Here’s where things stand … Read more

Indian Couple That Faked Everest Climb Fired From Police Jobs

Remember the Indian couple that faked their summit of Everest last year, and were subsequently found out? After receiving a 10-year ban on climbing in Nepal, they returned home to face further investigations and possible disciplinary action as well. A few days back, after more than a year of investigation, the duo were fired from … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2017: The Kangchenjunga Skyline Expedition – 3 Miles Across the Death Zone

Earlier today I posted a story about some interesting expeditions to follow in the Himalaya this spring the aren’t taking place on Everest. Not long after that story went live on The Adventure Blog, we got news of yet another very interesting climb that is set to get underway soon as well, with one of … Read more

Video: Eastward Through Nepal, India, and Beyond

This beautiful video condenses a three month journey through Nepal, India, Thailand, and Vietnam down to a two-and-a-half-minute clip that provides some of the most stunning highlights from that journey. And what stunning highlights they are. From the Himalaya to the shores of the Indian Ocean, across jungles, hilltops, and rivers, we get an all-too … Read more

Video: Valleys in the Sky

Take a journey into the High Himalaya of India with this video, which not only shows us the incredibly beautiful landscapes that can be found there, but the incredibly beautiful people too. The clip takes us to the remote village of Mudh, where the inhabitants live a simple but happy life surrounded by the tallest … Read more

Nepal Fines Guiding Company for False Everest Summit Claims

Remember the story of the Indian couple who faked their Everest summit last spring? It was a husband and wife duo by the name Dinesh and Tarkeshwari Rathod who said they had reached the top of the highest mountain on Earth, only to discover later that they had faked their summit photos and never really made … Read more