Video: Renan Ozturk Shares His Perspective on Life, Adventure, and Everything

There are few people better suited to offer their perspective on a life of travel and adventure than Renan Ozturk. If you’ve seen the film Meru you know a bit about his backstory, which has had its share of challenges along the way. In this video, Renan talks about his path to becoming a world-class mountaineer, … Read more

Video: Exploring the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area—located along the border of the U.S. and Canada in northern Minnesota—is one of the truly great wilderness regions in all of North America. Few places blend forests and water in such a seamless fashion, creating a place so remote that it is best explored by paddling. In this video, we … Read more

Video: Mountain Biker Paul Basagoitia Gets His Groove Back in Crested Butte

A few years back, professional mountain biker Paul Basagoitia suffered a nasty accident that resulted in a bad spinal injury. For a time, it looked like he might not walk again, let alone ride. After an intense medical procedure, and months of therapy and rehabilitation, he was able to regain his ability move, along with … Read more

American Alpinist Ed Viesturs Shares What He’s Learned in the Mountains

Legendary alpinist Ed Viesturs is often regarded as the dean of American mountaineers. He’s earned that spot thanks to being the first—and to date only—American to climb all 14 of the 8000-meter peaks. He is also the sixth person overall to accomplish that feat without the use of bottled oxygen, a quest that he chronicled … Read more

Video: How One Company is Giving Discarded Fishing Nets a New Lease on Life

We’ve all heard the stories about how under siege our planet’s oceans are at the moment. Microplastics, trash, and a wide array of other items are causing major environmental problems and a are having a dramatic impact on sea creatures great and small. One of the worst offenders are discarded fishing nets, which can ensnare … Read more