The Adventure Podcast Episode 95: An Interview with Korker’s CEO Brian Chaney

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I’ve been on the road most of the week so far, but heading home today. That meant I didn’t have time to update the website over the past few days, but we did release a new episode of The Adventure Podcast on Tuesday. This week’s episode was a unique one however, as we didn’t include … Read more

Forbes Interviews Borge Ousland After Epic Arctic Expedition

Here at The Adventure Blog we’re delight whenever one of the major explorers, climbers, or adventurers get some much-deserved exposure through the mainstream press. We, along with a few other outdoor publications and websites, often write about the big things that are happening around the world in terms of adventure and exploration, but all too … Read more

Men’s Journal Interviews Adrian Ballinger on no-Os K2 Climb

If you were paying attention to our coverage of the climbing season in Pakistan this summer you probably already know that K2 was once again a significant challenge for alpinists. In fact, thanks to deep snow and a high probability of avalanche danger, the mountain ended up turning back about 90% of the climbers who … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 60: Training for the Uphill Athlete with Scott Johnston and Steve House

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On this week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast we welcome two fantastic guests in the form of Scott Johnston and Steve House who join us to discuss their new book Training for the Uphill Athlete. The book is a guide for the mountain runners, ski mountaineers, and other outdoor athletes who are looking to improve their fitness … Read more

Russian Team Responds to Alex Txikon’s ExWeb K2 Interview

Last week I posted a story linking to an interview with Basque climber Alex Txikon that was conducted over at Explorers Web. In that interview, Txikon discussed his recent winter expedition to K2 and the challenges he and his squad faced in dealing with a team of mountaineers from Russia, Kazakstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Both groups shared … Read more