Video: An Antarctic Expedition Q&A with Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Hilaree Nelson, and Jim Morrison

January of 2020 may have only been four months ago at this point, but it seems like an entirely different lifetime. Back then, we were all free to travel and pursue big adventures. That was also when The North Face athletes Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Hilaree Nelson, and Jim Morrison all went on a journey … Read more

Free Solo Wins Academy Award for Best Documentary Film

If you didn’t happen to catch the Academy Awards last night, you missed an odd awards show that didn’t feature a host, started with a rousing rock and roll number by the surviving members of Queen, and included some of the strangest acceptance speeches in recent memory. You also missed a historical win in the … Read more

Video: How Jimmy Chin and Company Filmed Free Solo

By now, everyone knows that Free Solo is the amazing documentary that follows Alex Honnold as he climbs El Capitan without ropes. The film has been both a critical and financial success, drawing crowds that wouldn’t normally go see this type of movie. But if you’ve ever wondered exactly how they filmed Honnold on his ascent, … Read more

Video: Learn to Be an Adventure Photographer From Jimmy Chin

If you’re looking to become an adventure photographer, why not learn from one of the top professionals working in the field today? We all know that Jimmy Chin is a master at his craft, while also combining his skills as a climber, skier, and elite outdoor athlete too. Now, you can pick up tips from … Read more

Video: An Expedition to Greenland with Jimmy Chin and Kit DesLauriers

If you’re going to test technology and filmmaking equipment, Jimmy Chin is a good guy to give it to. In this video. the award winning photographer/filmmaker –– not to mention all-around bad ass –– heads out to Greenland with fellow adventurer Kit DesLauriers to explore remote regions, climb mountains, and make ski descents. Lucky for us, … Read more

Video: North Face Team Finds Discomfort in Antarctica

As we steam straight on towards the start of the 2018-2019 Antarctic ski and climbing season, this video takes us back to last year when a team of North Face climbers traveled down to Queen Maud Land to make some first ascents on several rock walls and snowcapped peaks. TNF has slowly been releasing short … Read more

Video: Climbing in Antarctica Brings a Sense of Awe

The North Face continues its series of videos about the team of climbers that went to the Antarctic last year with another short, but sweet, clip giving us a glimpse of their experience. This time out, we get a sense of the awe and wonder they felt in this expansive place, far from civilization, and … Read more

Video: Climbing in Antarctica with The North Face Team

Last year, The North Face sent a team consisting of the world’s top climbers –– including Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker, and Alex Honnold –– down to Antartica for an expedition. The group managed to notch 15 summits on an array of peaks found in Queen Maud Land, including some first ascents. Now, the company is … Read more

Nat Geo Explains How Jimmy Chin Filmed Free Solo

We’re nearing the release of the new climbing film Free Solo, which documents Alex Honnold’s climb up El Capitan without using ropes. That was a herculean display of skill and strength that perhaps no one else in the world could have pulled off. But in order to make a film of that historic ascent, there … Read more