German Team Makes Second First Ascent in 3 Days

Last week I posted an update of the quiet, yet still unfolding, climbing season in Pakistan, where very few teams have arrived this summer. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, most commercial and independent climbing expeditions have elected to stay home, avoiding potential exposure while traveling. But a team from Germany did make the journey and … Read more

There is an Actual Mountaineering Expedition Taking Place in Pakistan

Throughout the ongoing pandemic we have continually speculated about when regular mountaineering expeditions would resume this year. In the spring, we saw Everest and the other big Himalayan Peaks closed due to the coronavirus, but for a time we thought that surely the summer Karakoram season in Pakistan would happen. As the world continued to … Read more

Video: Alpinist Adrian Ballinger Talks K2

Climbing K2 is no easy feat, even under the best of conditions. But going up the “Savage Mountain” without oxygen is an altogether different beast. But that’s exactly what American alpinist Adrian Ballinger did last year, reaching the summit of the second tallest mountain in the world—and arguably the scariest—without supplemental O’s. In this video, … Read more

Are There Actually Climbing Teams Heading to the Karakoram This Summer?

Over the past month or so, we’ve been watching the situation in Pakistan closely as we wait to see if there will be a summer climbing season in the Karakoram. Right now, things are definitely influx inside the country, where the coronavirus continues to spiral out of control and government officials appear to have no … Read more

Eddie Bauer and Adrian Ballinger Release Epic K2 Mountaineering Video

Last year, we followed the Karakoram climbing season closely, watching as a number of teams attempted Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, and the “Savage Mountain” itself, K2. Amongst those teams was a group of strong, dedicated, and experienced mountaineers who were attempting to summit the difficult and technical peak without the use of bottled oxygen. That … Read more