Video: Protecting Kenya’s Lions During a Severe Drought

African wildlife faces threats on a number of fronts. Not only is poaching a constant issue, the continued encroachment of man on their habitats, along with a constant struggle over increasingly scare resources, can make life very hard. You can add climate change to the list of things that is endangering these creates to, as … Read more

Video: Using Drones to Protect Kenya’s Elephants

It’s no secret that the illegal poaching of elephants in Africa is having a dramatic impact on the population of those creatures in the wild. To help protect these incredibly smart and noble animals wildlife conservationists are increasingly turning to new technologies to combat the poachers. One of the more effective tools in this fight … Read more

Video: How an African Tribe Now Protects the Lions it Once Hunted

The Samburu tribe in Kenya once hunted and killed lions because they posed a threat to humans and the livestock that they kept. Now, those same African warriors work to protect the big cats, using many of the skills and tactics they’ve honed over many generations to find ways to help lions and humans to … Read more