Video: Witness the Impact of Climate Change on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro isn’t just an iconic destination for adventure travelers, it has become the poster child for the impact of climate change as well. The once-fabled snow of Kilimanjaro are all-but gone, and as our planet continues to warm up, it now seems likely that they’ll have disappeared altogether in just a few short years. … Read more

The Adventure Blog/Podcast 2020 Kilimanjaro Trek has Been Cancelled

There is no question that the coronavirus has had a profound and lasting impact on our lives. All we have to do is look at the Internet, television news channels, newspapers, and other outlets over the past two months to see how much it has dominated the news cycle on a global scale. The COVID-19 … Read more

Join The Adventure Blog and Adventure Podcast on Kilimanjaro in 2020

Way back in July of last year, I posted the announcement that The Adventure Blog and Adventure Podcast were hosting a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa this year. After the announcement, we’ve mentioned the trek on several occasions on the podcast, and I posted about it a second time in September, one year … Read more

Adventure Blog Kilimanjaro Climb Countdown: One Year to Go!

Way back on July 19, I announced that in 2020 I’d be returning to Kilimanjaro for another climb up Africa’s highest peak, and that I was inviting Adventure Blog readers and Adventure Podcast listeners to come along. Since then, I’ve been largely silent on the topic, mostly because the date of the climb was still … Read more

Announcing The Adventure Podcast/Blog 2020 Kilimanjaro Expedition!

We’ve been talking about it for several months now, and hinting that news was incoming, but now it is official. We’re going to Africa in 2020 to climb Kilimanjaro, and all of you are invited to come along too. The final plans for the trek have just been finalized and anyone interested in joining us … Read more

A Cable Car to the Summit of Kilimanjaro? It Could Happen!

The world of adventure travel, trekking, and climbing has been set abuzz this week with the news of a potential cable car to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. According to various news outlets, the Tanzanian government is in talks with both a Chinese and western construction company to discuss the possibilities of building a tram … Read more