Australian Adventurer to Attempt Longest Solo Antarctic Expedition Ever

We are now just days away from the start of the 2019-2020 Antarctic expedition season, with anxious polar explorers, South Pole skiers, and mountaineers putting the last minute touches on planning for their upcoming adventures. The ALE base camp at Union Glacier is set to see its first flight of the year tomorrow, as staff … Read more

Antarctica 2017: Spectre Team Finding Tough Going on the Frozen Continent

I wrote about the Spectre Expedition to Antarctica a few weeks back, just as the squad was preparing to get underway in the Antarctic. At the time, the team of Leo Houlding, Jean Burgun, and Mark Sedon were just finishing up their prep work in Punta Arenas and were getting set to fly out to Union … Read more

Antarctica 2016: Mike Horn Scheduled to Depart Antarctica Today

The long 2016 Antarctic season may finally come to an end today, as Swiss explorer Mike Horn is expected to finally regroup with his crew aboard his ship the Pangaea and leave the frozen continent at last. Weather permitting, horn and his crew will sail for the city of Hobart, Tasmania, a voyage that is … Read more

Video: Kite Skiing in Alaska

If you’ve read my updates on the progress of the explorers in Antarctica this season, you’ve no doubt seen a few mentions of kite skiers out on the ice. What is kite skiing actually? It is the use of a large kite to catch the wind, and pull you along across the snow and ice. … Read more

Antarctica 2016: Two More Skiers Close in on the Pole

With time starting to run short at the bottom of the world, the teams skiing to the South Pole this season – and possibly beyond – are starting to feel the pinch. Most still have plenty of time to reach their final destination, but some are now altering their plans. With just three weeks to … Read more