The Adventure Podcast Episode 110: An Interview with Adventure Racing Legend Mike Kloser

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This week on The Adventure Podcast we welcome adventure racing legend (and our friend!) Mike Kloser to the show. Mike worked with Dave and Kraig at Expedition Alaska a few years back, so they reminisce about that race, as well as several others that Mike participated in over the years. That includes the revived Eco-Challenge … Read more

The Greatest Moments in Sports (According to Outside Magazine)

If you had to think back on the greatest moments in the history or sports, what would come to mind? Perhaps Jesse Owens running at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin? Maybe the “Miracle on Ice?” or the “Rumble in the Jungle?” Well, the editors over at Outside magazine have put together their own list of … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 16: Hidden Gems of America’s National Parks

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A new episode of The Adventure Podcast is now available for download through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify. You’ll also find the latest episode embedded in this post for those of you who would rather listen to it directly through your browser as well. In this episode, in honor of National Park Week, … Read more

Lance Armstrong Settles $100 Million Lawsuit with Federal Government

Yesterday, former pro cyclist and Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong put to rest the final lawsuit that has been dogging him since he admitted to doping throughout his long and successful career. It was announced that Armstrong has settled out of court with the U.S. government, agreeing to pay $5 million as well as … Read more

Happy 40th Anniversary Outside Magazine!

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Outside magazine, and the venerable periodical has been celebrating all year long with a number of special articles. But now, the Outside website has launched an official anniversary section that is a stroll down memory lane for those of us who have read it for years, serving as an … Read more

Lance Armstrong is Podcasting About the Tour de France, and its Great

I’ve vowed to keep my Tour de France coverage to a minimum this year, and so far I’ve held to that choice despite having some controversial things to talk about. That said, I did want to share my thoughts on Lance Armstrong’s new TdF-focused podcast with readers, as I think fans of the race will … Read more

Video: Trailer for The Program a film about Lance Armstrong

A new film that is a dramatization of the Lance Armstrong story is preparing for release in October. It is called The Program, and it promises to give us an inside look at how the former pro cyclist doped while winning seven straight Tour de France titles. The film stars Ben Foster, Chris O’Dowd, and … Read more

USADA Could Reduce Lance Armstrong’s Ban

Lance Armstrong might receive an opportunity to plead for a reduction of his lifetime ban from cycling. According to an article posted by the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, Brian Cookson, the President of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the governing body over professional cycling, has been asked to help set-up a meeting between Armstrong and the … Read more