Video: Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a bit of serenity in the middle of a hectic week, this video just might do the trick. It features some lovely timelapse imagery shot in Colorado, Alaska, and Canada over this past summer. When mixed with soothing music, it is three minutes of visual bliss. Sanctuary from Taylor Caraway on … Read more

Video: XPLORE – Saving Landscapes by Capturing them on Film

This video is a teaser-trailer of sorts for a project put together by a team of filmmakers who want to capture some of the world’s most endangered landscapes in order to preserve them for future generations. They took their cameras to a number of beautiful locations, many of which are threatened by a variety of … Read more

Video: Mountains of Dreams

This video doesn’t bring us some intricate story, or clips of insane outdoor athletes doing “extreme” things. Instead, it delivers some spectacular footage of amazing mountains from all over the planet. The scenery is enhanced with dramatic music, which helps to set the mood, but really, it is the alpine settings depicted in these beautiful … Read more

Video: Shaped By Time

There are forces on our planet that are continually working to shape the landscape. They include wind, water, erosion, and other natural elements. This video captures the way the Earth has been sculptured by those forces, and shows the natural beauty that is left behind. Truly awe inspiring images. Shaped by Time from Enrique Pacheco … Read more

Video: Stormscapes In Timelapse

National Geographic always delivers quality content, whether in print or digital format. Case in point, this fantastic video from their YouTube Channel that captures storms fronts in timelapse that allows viewers to see things change and grow. It is pretty awe inspiring to watch these forces at work, while being oddly beautiful at the same … Read more