Himalaya Spring 2019: Peruvian Climber Perishes on Makalu, Solo Summit on Ama Dablam

With high winds still buffeting the Himalaya I fully expected today to be a day where there wouldn’t be much news to report. Sadly, that isn’t the case and while there is some good information to share, there is also more tragic news to report as well. Yesterday, Peru’s most prolific and famous climber Richard … Read more

Polish Climber Evacuated From Makalu After More Than a Week on the Mountain

I’m on the road today, so there will only be a handful of updates, but wanted to pass along this story. Over the past week or so, I’ve mentioned a couple of times that the spring Himalayan climbing season has pretty much wrapped up for the year, with all of the teams heading home. It … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2018: Lhotse Face Skiers Free to Climb, More Summits!

I’m still traveling home from the press event I’ve been at over the past couple of days, so this might be the only post I get to make today. That said, it’s a good one, with lots of news from the Himalaya as the climbing season continues to unfold with more summits, not to mention … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2018: Winds Delay Summit Bids on Everest, A Death on Makalu

High winds have returned on the South Side of Everest creating a speed-bump of sorts heading into the summit push for most of the teams. Several squads have halted their push to the top to wait out the weather with conditions expected to improve today or tomorrow, granting access again to the summit. Until then, … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2018: No-Oxygen Summit on Makalu, World’s Highest Dinner Party

Progress in the Himalaya continues today as more teams head up for their next acclimatization rotations on Everest, where things continue to run like clockwork. But before we get to that we also have word on our first summit of the year on Makalu, with this ascent coming without the use of supplemental oxygen. The … Read more

2017 Turned Out to be a Mixture of Success and Failure on Everest

The Nepali Department of Tourism has released its final numbers for the 2017 spring climbing season, and the numbers are mixed bag to say the least. At the start of the season is was expected to be a record setting one, with perhaps the highest summit total in the history of the mountain. But, now … Read more

Nepali Climber Makes Three 8000-Meter Summits in 5 Days

Kilian Jornet stunned the mountaineering world with his recent double ascent of Mt. Everest without oxygen. That was an impressive feat to say the least, particularly when you factor in the speed at which he climbed. But, it turns out a Nepali soldier by the name of Nirmal Purja had an even more impressive season … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2017: More Summits on Everest, Dhualagiri, and Makalu

With mid-May finally here, the pace of climbing has definitely started to pick up in the Himalaya. The season will start to grow short soon, and in just a few weeks it will close down altogether. With that in mind, teams are on the move all over the region, with more than a few now … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2017: Summits on Annapurna Give Italian Couple 14 8000-Meter Peaks Sans Oxygen

As the week comes to an end we have more news of summits in the Himalaya, as well as an updated schedule for fixing ropes on the South Side of Everest. We’re at the point of the season where things are moving fast, with developments on an almost daily basis, and yet the busiest time … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2017: ExWeb Provides Yet More Expeditions of Note

Yesterday I posted an article sharing some of the more interesting expeditions that will be taking place in the Himalaya this season, most notably on Cho Oyu and Shishapangma. Later in the day I also shared the reveal of the Kangchenjunga Skyline Expedition that will send Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger on an epic high-altidue … Read more