Jordan Romero Launches Find Your Everest Tour To Inspire Youth

Seven summiteer, and youngest person to climb Mt. Everest, Jordan Romero is setting off on a summer tour that he hopes will inspire young people to get active and pursue their own adventurous aspirations. Along the way  he also hopes to climb the highest point each of the 50 states and he wants us to … Read more

A Mugging On Everest?

Yesterday Outside magazine posted a story about a disturbing incident that took place on the North Side of Everest back in May. It seems that a group of young men, all graduates from the Tibet Mountaineering Guide School (TMGS), assaulted a Chinese climber that they suspected of being on the mountain without a permit. When the man … Read more

Debunking The Myths About Everest

As I mentioned in my Everest wrap-up post yesterday, the season may be over but the analysis and speculation continues, particularly in the mainstream press and those that are outside of the climbing community. Earlier today British climber Mark Horrell, who recently summited the mountain on the North Side, wrote a very thoughtful and interesting piece … Read more

Everest 2012: That’s A Wrap!

Another season has come and gone on Everest and of course it is time for reflection and analysis of everything that happened on the mountain this spring. As usual, it was another crazy, busy year for the world’s tallest mountain and one that continues to leave people talking even as the climbers themselves head for … Read more

Everest 2012: Speed Attempt Still Underway

In my earlier post on this past weekend’s activities on Everest I mentioned that the season was almost over. There does appear to be at least one climb underway and it is an attempt at the speed record from the North Side of the mountain. Ecuadorian climber Patricio Tisalema waited until the slopes were clear before … Read more

Everest 2012: Lots Of Summits Amidst Good Weather

The second weather window on Everest opened as expected today, with winds dropping off dramatically and temperatures remaining relatively warm, even at the summit. As a result, there were all kinds of teams topping out in what sounds like far better conditions than last week. Some of the teams that we’ve been following all season … Read more