Video: Climbing Out –– One Woman’s Journey to the Summit of Mt. Rainier

This video comes our way courtesy of REI and it is an insightful, funny, and fun journey to the summit of Mt. Rainier with a woman named Sarah. Climbing a challenging peak like Rainier seemed like an unlikely goal for her, as she is more at home in an urban environment. But getting outside, and … Read more

Outside Names Five of the Most Dangerous Peaks in the U.S.

Outside magazine has compiled a list of the most dangerous mountains in the United States, taking a look at the history of fatalities on each of the peaks. The tag line for the article says “some might surprise you,” but in reality these are all well known mountains that are notoriously dangerous and those who know … Read more

Teen Adventurers To Traverse The Adirondacks For Charity

Two teenage adventurers are planning a couple of ambitious summer expeditions that will allow them to not only pursue their outdoor passions but also raise funds for a great cause. The young men are first planning an epic human-powered excursion, which they’ll then follow-up with a classic mountaineering experience as they seek to give back … Read more

The New York Times Looks At Speed Climbing

The New York Times has posted a story and video on speed climbing in the world of mountaineering and takes a look at the approach to climbing, which inherently brings some risks for those who choose to go faster in the mountains. The article mentions or quotes a number of big name climbers, including Steve … Read more

National Park Service Considers Raising Climbing Fees on Denali, Rainier

The National Park Service is considering raising the fees for climbing both Denali and Mt. Rainier, two of the most iconic, and popular, peaks in North America. These discussions have caused several climbing advocacy groups to speak out against the proposals, which would institute steep increases in costs for climbers. The proposal would see the … Read more

Adventure Racers Conquer Wonderland Trail in 63 Hours

I’ve been meaning to post on this story for a couple of weeks, and it ended up getting buried in my Inbox, but considering yesterday’s story about the hiker completing the thru-hike of the Adirondacks, I think this one is appropriate as well. Back on July 25th, two hikers, Jeni McNeal and David Adlard, who … Read more