Video: Welcome to the Snow Globe – Ice Climbing with Sasha DiGiulian

What happens when one of the best rock climbers in the world goes ice climbing in December? Find out in this video, which takes us to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, one of the coldest and windiest peaks in the U.S., with Sasha DiGiulian as she hones her skills on the frozen mountain. It is … Read more

Video: Meet the 97-Year Old Who is Still Running Mountains

Yesterday we had the inspiring story of a 91-year old man who climbed Devils Tower in Wyoming. Today, we have an amazing video about George Etzweiler, a 97-year old runner who summits Mt. Washington in New Hampshire every year, even though the challenge only continues to grow. Why does he do it? You’ll just have to watch … Read more

Outside Names Five of the Most Dangerous Peaks in the U.S.

Outside magazine has compiled a list of the most dangerous mountains in the United States, taking a look at the history of fatalities on each of the peaks. The tag line for the article says “some might surprise you,” but in reality these are all well known mountains that are notoriously dangerous and those who know … Read more

Video: Riding a Fat Bike Up Mt. Washington

At 1917 meters (6288 ft) in height, Mt. Washington – located in New Hampshire – doesn’t seem all that intimidating. But outdoor enthusiasts know that this peak – the tallest in the eastern U.S. – is notorious for its bad weather. Because of its extreme conditions, with frequent subzero temperatures and very high winds, there … Read more

Traversing The Presidential Range

With the various larger, and longer mountain ranges in the U.S., including the Rockies and the Appalachians, the Presidential Range often gets overlooked and forgotten. Sitting mostly within New Hampshire, the peaks that make up the Presidential Range don’t stretch for miles, but they do reach as high as 6288 feet on Mt. Washington. A … Read more

Mt. Washington No Longer The Windiest Place On Earth

For years, Mt. Washington, located in the state of New Hampshire here in the U.S., has been described as the windiest place on Earth, thanks to a 75 year old record for the highest wind speed ever recorded. The mark was set back in 1934, when gusts reached a speed of 231 miles per hour … Read more