Video: Nat Geo Uses VR to Take Us Deep into the Ocean

The promise of virtual reality and 360º video still seems like it is always just around the corner. Still, we’ve seen some organizations putting it to good use, with National Geographic being at the forefront of this movement. Recently, they used 360º cameras to capture outstanding views of Everest for instance and now they’re back … Read more

Nat Geo Has Theories On Why Elephants are Dying in Botswana

Last week I shared the story of how hundreds of elephants are dying of mysterious and unknown causes in Botswana. The creatures appear to take ill very quickly, possibly with some kind of neurological disorder, then die from this strange affliction almost as rapidly. From the air, dozens of bodies have been spotted, leaving conservationists … Read more

Video: Nat Geo Presents Expedition Everest 360

Last week I told you about a ground-breaking expedition to Mt. Everest that took place last spring, during which climber/photographer Renan Ozturk used specially equipped drones to capture the mountain using 360º photo technology. Meanwhile, other members of the same team climbed to the summit, while also searching for the body of missing explorer Sandy Irvine, … Read more

Nat Geo and Renan Ozturk Gives Us Everest in 360º

The 2020 spring climbing season on Everest may have been largely interrupted by the current global pandemic, but last year the mountain saw a banner year. Amidst a record number of summits—and fatalities—were a number of very strong teams and climbers. Amongst them was none other than Renan Ozturk, who came not to climb Everest, … Read more

Nat Geo Photographer Finds a Changed World Upon Return From South Georgia Island

It has been a strange and difficult few weeks as many of us have come face to face with a global pandemic for the very first time. We’ve watched in surprise—and in some cases horror—as the coronavirus has spread and wreaked havoc on numerous countries. Seeing it al play out in front of our eyes … Read more

48 Polar Explorers Side with Nat Geo Regarding Colin O’Brady Controversy

I know more than a few of you are already tired of hearing about the ongoing controversy surrounding Colin O’Brady and his dust-up with National Geographic. The venerable organization recently published a scathing article about the American adventurer, calling into question some elements of his “Impossible First” crossing of Antarctica. In a nutshell, the article … Read more