Last Surviving Member of 1953 Everest Expedition Passes Away

The mountaineering community marked the passing of an era late last week. On Friday, November 20 pioneering adventure and travel writer Jan Morris passed away at the age of 94 after leading a life that included adventure, groundbreaking writing, and pushing the envelope in terms of gender roles. She also happened to be the last … Read more

Nepal’s ‘Road to Everest’ Isn’t What You Think

When the news broke last week, Nepal was building a road to Mt. Everest, trekkers and climbers were understandably concerned. After all, the pristine alpine setting that surrounds the trek to the world’s highest peak is breathtakingly beautiful, and a well-trafficked road would alter that setting dramatically. But as it turns out, this news isn’t … Read more

Climber Sues Guide Over Failed Everest Expedition

One of Everest’s best guiding companies has found itself at the center of a lawsuit that could have lasting consequences for the mountaineering world. Last week it was revealed that a former client is suing Madison Mountaineering for failing to provide a refund following a failed expedition to the world’s highest peak; if successful, the … Read more

Nepal Backtracks on COVID Travel Restrictions

Last week we shared the news that Nepal was planning to reopen to foreign travelers starting on October 17, welcoming trekkers and climbers back into the country. As with most places worldwide, Nepal has been on strict lockdown since the start of the pandemic this past spring, even going so far as to cancel the … Read more

Expedition to Manaslu Confirmed for Himalaya Fall Climbing Season

As Nepal edges closer to reopening to visitors this fall, the number of trekkers and climbers interested in visiting the Himalayan country at the moment remains in question. Bahrain Royal Guard At least one team will make the journey in the coming weeks, as it is now confirmed that members of the Bahrain Royal Guard … Read more

New Study Shows Everest has Gotten Safer Despite Being More Crowded

A new study conducted by the University of Washington and the University of California takes a look at the past two decades of climbing on Mt. Everest and comes away with some interesting results. Despite conventional wisdom and media reports, the researchers behind the study have determined that even though the mountain has become increasingly … Read more

Nepal Delays Opening to International Travelers, Fall Climbing Season in Doubt

After cancelling the spring climbing season in Nepal due to the coronavirus, the local tourism economy has been pinning its hopes on a return to normal activities in the fall. But as the number of COVID-19 infections continues to rise in that country, even that now looks like it is in serious doubt. A few … Read more