Video: How a 50k Trail Run Changed the Life of Nepali Ultrarunner Mira Rai

We’ve seen inspirational videos and stories about Nepali ultrarunner Mira Rai in the past, but this one provides more insight into her story. Born and raised in Nepal, she was like many of the other girls there with few prospects for improving her life. But as it turns out, Mira has the ability to run … Read more

Thanks to Pandemic Lockdown, Everest is Now Visible From 125 Miles Away

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been especially good news for most of us, with more than 9 million people infected worldwide and a death toll now approaching 500,000. But the almost-global lockdown that has come as a result of the spread of the virus has had some profound effects on the environment. With fewer cars on … Read more

Nepal Looks Ahead to 2020 Fall Himalayan Climbing Season

Plans for the fall 2020 climbing season in the Himalaya look like they’re starting to take shape. While we’re still a couple of months away from the traditional start of the season, Nepali operators eager to get back to business have begun announcing plans for the months ahead. That includes organizing expeditions to the 8000 … Read more

Nat Geo and Renan Ozturk Gives Us Everest in 360º

The 2020 spring climbing season on Everest may have been largely interrupted by the current global pandemic, but last year the mountain saw a banner year. Amidst a record number of summits—and fatalities—were a number of very strong teams and climbers. Amongst them was none other than Renan Ozturk, who came not to climb Everest, … Read more

Video: Is Mt. Everest “the World’s Deadliest Tourist Attraction”?

Is Mt. Everest “the world’s deadliest tourist attraction”? That’s the premise behind this video, which takes us to the Himalaya to explore exactly what makes it so dangerous.  On the surface, the video is a solid look at what it takes to climb Everest, including trekking to Base Camp, dealing with altitude sickness, and so … Read more

Outlook is Grim for Nepal’s Tourism Sector in the Wake of Coronavirus

We all knew that the cancellation of the spring climbing season in Nepal would have a long and painful impact on the economy of that country. The spread of the coronavirus forced the Nepali government to make the hard choice of not only canceling the season, but closing its borders to travelers too. That meant … Read more