Video: Is Mt. Everest “the World’s Deadliest Tourist Attraction”?

Is Mt. Everest “the world’s deadliest tourist attraction”? That’s the premise behind this video, which takes us to the Himalaya to explore exactly what makes it so dangerous.  On the surface, the video is a solid look at what it takes to climb Everest, including trekking to Base Camp, dealing with altitude sickness, and so … Read more

Outlook is Grim for Nepal’s Tourism Sector in the Wake of Coronavirus

We all knew that the cancellation of the spring climbing season in Nepal would have a long and painful impact on the economy of that country. The spread of the coronavirus forced the Nepali government to make the hard choice of not only canceling the season, but closing its borders to travelers too. That meant … Read more

Nepal Ends All Trekking Activities Due to Coronavirus

A few weeks back, Nepal made the unprecedented move of shutting down all of the 8000-meter peaks within its borders, cancelling all of the climbing permits for Everest and other mountains for the spring. The country also announced that it would not longer be issuing on-arrival visas for the foreseeable future, making it more challenging for … Read more

Nepal Closes Everest, Other 8000-Meter Peaks, for Spring 2020

On Wednesday of this week, China announced that it would close Mt. Everest to all climbing expeditions this spring, shutting down one half of the mountain in the process. Now, Nepal has followed suit, temporarily suspending the issuing of permits for Everest and all other 8000-meter peaks in an effort to fight the spread of … Read more

Icefall Doctors Depart for Everest Base Camp Ahead of 2020 Climbing Season

The 2020 winter climbing season isn’t even officially over yet (see here!) and we’re already starting to look ahead to the spring season in the Himalaya. Today, it was announced that the Icefall Doctors—the team charge with finding and maintaining the route through the Khumbu Icefall on the South Side of Everest each year—have left … Read more