Icarus Project Sends Two Adventurers Across Northwest Passage to Denali

If you’re looking for a big, grand, and ambitious adventure to follow now that the winter climbing season is all-but over, then look no further than the Icarus Project. The brainchild of adventurers Matthieu Bélanger and Loury Lag, the goal of this undertaking is to climb each of the Seven Summits over the course of … Read more

Solo-Sailor Completes Figure-8 Voyage Round Antarctica, North and South America

A few weeks back I posted the story of Randall Reeves, a solo-sailor who had set out on a unique adventure that would see him sail around North and South America, as well as Antarctica. At the time, Reeves had just completed his navigation of the Northwest Passage and he was sailing south along the … Read more

Long Distance Paddler Will Attempt Northwest Passage in Summer 2019

West Hansen is no stranger to long-distance paddling expeditions. In 2012 he kayaked the length of the Amazon River in South America and in 2014 he followed that up with the first descent of the Volga River in Russia too. But now he’s gearing up for what will likely be his most challenging journey yet … Read more

French Explorer Sets Sights on Northwest Passage

Last week I shared a story about an adventurous family that will sail the Northwest Passage this summer, but unsurprisingly they won’t be alone up there in the Arctic. We’ve also learned that French explorer Alban Michon will also head to that mythical waterway with plans to help raise awareness of what is happening in … Read more

Adventurous Family Will Sail the Northwest Passage in 2018

One adventurous family has quite a journey scheduled for 2018. On June 1, Graeme and Janna Esarey, along with their daughters Talia and Savai, will set out from Seattle on a sailing expedition that will take them through the Canadian Arctic as they travel the Northwest Passage. Graeme and Janna are experienced sailors who spent … Read more

New Theory Emerges on the Demise of the Franklin Expedition Through the Northwest Passage

One of the great enduring mysteries of exploration is what exactly happened to an expedition through the Northwest Passage led by Sir John Franklin back in 1845. Franklin took two British naval ships – the HMS Terror and Erebus – into the passage in search of the passage into the Pacific Ocean beyond.  But none … Read more

168 Years After Sinking in the Arctic the HMS Terror has Been Found

After years of searching in the Arctic, the missing ship of explorer Sir John Franklin has been found at long last. Earlier this week it was announced that the HMS Terror, a vessel that Franklin was using to explore the icy waters of the Northwest Passage, had been found after 168 years. Franklin and his crew … Read more

Arctic Explorers Bring Bad News After Sailing Northwest and Northeast Passages

One of the most ambitious and interesting adventures of the summer has been the Polar Ocean Challenge. Led by famed explorer David Hempleman-Adams, the objective of the expedition was to sail both the Northeast and Northwest passages in a single year, circumnavigating the North Pole and taking stock of the arctic sea ice along the … Read more

Ocean Rower Anne Quéméré to Challenge Northwest Passage Once Again

Ocean rower Anne Quéméré has announced that she is returning to the Arctic Ocean once again this summer in an attempt to complete the very difficult journey across the Northwest Passage by kayak. Last year, bad weather thwarted her efforts, but she has vowed to go back and finish what she started by covering the entire … Read more

Kayaker Begins Northwest Passage Paddle

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere brings new opportunities for adventure, and over the past few years, that has included the opening of the Northwest Passage in the arctic ocean. We’ve seen several attempts recently to cross that fabled stretch of water, and this year will be no exception. One paddler got underway on Tuesday, and … Read more