Video: Nat Geo Uses VR to Take Us Deep into the Ocean

The promise of virtual reality and 360º video still seems like it is always just around the corner. Still, we’ve seen some organizations putting it to good use, with National Geographic being at the forefront of this movement. Recently, they used 360º cameras to capture outstanding views of Everest for instance and now they’re back … Read more

Video: How One Company is Giving Discarded Fishing Nets a New Lease on Life

We’ve all heard the stories about how under siege our planet’s oceans are at the moment. Microplastics, trash, and a wide array of other items are causing major environmental problems and a are having a dramatic impact on sea creatures great and small. One of the worst offenders are discarded fishing nets, which can ensnare … Read more

Video: Is this Electric Ship the Future of Travel and Exploration?

The Brim Explorer is an electric ship designed to carry passengers into remote places while having a minimal impact on the environment. It is silent, eco-friendly,  and is built to interact with our planet in a more balanced and positive way. It also happens to be comfortable, have some nice amenities, and just be a real technological … Read more

A New ‘Tent’ is Rewriting the Rules of Underwater Exploration

Over the years, we’ve seen mountaineers, climbers, and backpackers set up camp in some pretty unusual locations, including the sides of cliffs, mountain summits, and in impenetrable forests. Now, a new piece of gear promises to bring that same flexibility to scuba divers too, giving them the ability to camp under the ocean. Dubbed the Ocean … Read more