Video: Driving to the Coldest Place on Earth with Tom Hardy and Mika Salo

Want to take a road trip with actor Tom Hardy and former F1 driver Mika Salo? This video, which was part of a television show from a few years back, sends the two men on an epic overlanding adventure across Siberia. They’re tasked with driving from Yakutsk—the coldest city on Earth—to Oymyakon, which is the … Read more

Video: Racing Down the World’s Most Dangerous Road

There are a number of roads across the globe that claim to be “the world’s most dangerous.” You’ll find one in Bolivia that’s called the Death Road for instance. Turkey’s entry into this category is the D-915, a twisty, narrow, nerve-wracking route that will test the nerves of any driver. In this video, there are … Read more

Hastings Overland Expands to Southern California

This past summer I had the chance to travel to British Columbia, where the team at Hastings Overland outfitted me with a fully-stocked Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I then spent a full week exploring the backcountry there, using the Wrangler as an overlanding vehicle, wandering Canadian highways, backcountry roads, and even jeep trails into remote areas of … Read more

Video: The New Land Rover Defender – Reimagining an Icon

The adventure world is abuzz this week with news of the arrival of a new Land Rover Defender. We’ve seen news stories and videos introducing the new vehicle, which has been an icon in exploration and adventure for decades. But redesigning this legendary model wasn’t easy. It is a much beloved machine with an instantly-recognizable … Read more