Karakorum 2008: Summits In The Karakorum!

Summit news from the Karakorum today, as good weather has finally allowed teams to make their move. First up, ExWeb is reporting that several climbers have topped out on K2, including Wilco van Rooijen, Cas van de Gevel, Gerard McDonnel and Pemba Gyalje Sherpa of the Norit Expedition. The details of the climb are still … Read more

Karakorum 2008: K2 Summit Push Thwarted By High Winds

ExWeb has a fresh update from the Karakorum today with the news that summit pushes have finally begun on K2, despite the fact that high winds continue to buffet the area. Yesterday, the Norit K2 Expedition set out for Camp 3 along the Cesen Route, but their latest update indicates that they are back in … Read more

Karakorum 2008: Crisis Averted on Nanga Parbat

Excellent news from ExWeb today on Walter Nones and Simon Kehrer, the two climbers who were stranded high on the mountain following the death of their partner, Karl Unterkircher, who fell down a crevasse last week. Today, it’s being reported that the pair were able to descend, by way of skis, to 5700m, where they … Read more

Karakorum 2008: Valeriy and Victor Open New Route On Broad Peak!

ExWeb opens another week with an update from the Karakorum with the news that Valeriy Babanov and Victor Afanasiev have opened the new route on Broad Peak that they’ve been working away at for the past weeks. The two men made the climb in alpine style, as Babanov typically does, and while the details are … Read more

Karakorum 2008: On The Move On K2!

ExWeb posted another good update from the Karakorum with the news that teams are moving quickly on K2 and the Gasherbrums. First, on K2 the word is that the Norit Team has begun fixing ropes to C3 after spending the night in Camp 2 yesterday. They’ve been making good, steady progress thus far, but admit … Read more

Karakorum 2008: Action in Pakistan

It looks like the action is starting to heat up in Pakistan as climbers depart the Himalaya and head to the Karakorum. We already knew that climbers were into base camp on K2, but other peaks in the region are beginning to see traffic as well. K2Climb.net updated today with an overview of the region … Read more

Karakorum 2008: Climbers Heading to K2!

The Everest season has officially wound down, and as the monsoon approaches, the focus switches away from the Himalaya for a few months, and onto the Karakorum, where ExWeb is reporting that teams are already starting to arrive on K2. In fact, K2Climb.net has updated their expedition list to reflect the climbers that will be … Read more