Video: Saisons — Mountain Sports in France’s Massif Central Region

Any country with a thriving outdoor scene probably has one or two hotspots that are a haven for outdoor adventure. For instance, here in the U.S., Boulder, Colorado is one such destination, while in Canada the Banff area is popular as well. In France, once such place is the Massif Central area, which you’ll see … Read more

Video: Paragliding From the Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

This past September, a group of trekkers and paragliders hiked to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and took flight from the fabled “Roof of Africa.” They climbed up the Rongai Route but upon reaching the top, they found the conditions to be difficult for flying. Eventually however, they were able to soar out … Read more

Video: Hansjörg Auer – No Turning Back

In this video we meet Hansjörg Auer a talented mountaineer who has a talent for pulling off big things at high altitude, including scaling mountains and paragliding back down again. His various adventures have taken him to Annapurna III, the Trango Valley, and Baffin Island, amongst an array of other destinations. In this short film, … Read more

Video: Exploring the Chugach Mountains of Alaska by Paramotor

Take to the skies above the Chugach Mountains and Knik Glacier in Alaska to get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular scenery found there. In the case of the video below, you’ll putter along on a parameter flight that provides some epic aerial views of the landscapes found there. This is a truly amazing … Read more

Video: A Speedrider’s View of the French Alps

This video takes us to the French Alps where we get a first-person perspective of what it is like to speedride through those iconic mountains. What’s speedriding you ask? It is a combination of paragliding and skiing that allows participants to fly down a mountain, clearing trees and crevasses, while touching down momentarily to shred … Read more

Video: Speedflying on a Mountain Bike

We’ve seen speedflying in multiple videos before, but usually it involves a skier floating down the mountain with a parasail attached to his or her back. In the case of this video, it appears that professional mountain biker Kilian Bron is taking the sport to the next level by speedflying on a mountain bike instead. … Read more

Video: Speedflying at Night in Chamonix

Speedflying (aka Speed Riding) is the combination of skiing and paragliding down a mountain. The combination of the two activities opens up opportunities for skiers to soar over sections of a mountain that would normally be impossible to shred, while safely dropping off big cliffs along the way. In the case of this video, the … Read more