Primal Quest and GODZone Adventure Races Join Forces

Big news from the world of adventure racing today as the Primal Quest and GODZone races announce a partnership to help strengthen the brand of both events. In a press release announcing the news it was revealed that New Zealand’s 100% Pure Racing – the organizers of GODZone – will take a full-partnership role in … Read more

It’s Happening! Primal Quest Returns in 2015, Registration Opens Saturday!

There has been a lot of rumors circulating over the past few months about the possible return of Primal Quest, one of the biggest events ever in the sport of adventure racing. After disappearing from the AR landscape for more than five year, it seemed the possibility of PQ’s resurrection were quite dim. But not … Read more

Who Is Interested In Primal Quest 2013??

Okay, I know we teased you with the possibilities of the return of Primal Quest last year and I can tell you that there were some genuine efforts made to bring the race back for the 2012 season. Unfortunately those efforts didn’t pan out as expected and as a result, the “World’s Most Challenging Human … Read more

Gear Junkie Interviews U.S. Adventure Racing Champs

The Gear Junkie has always been a big fan of adventure racing. He’s even competed in some of the biggest events around, including the Wenger Patagonia Expedition Race earlier this year. Today, he’s got a great interview with Team WEDALI, the reigning U.S. Adventure Racing National Champions. In the interview, WEDALI talks about the keys … Read more

Primal Quest To Return In 2012?!?!

Today has been an interesting day. While working away to catch-up on a variety of deadlines, I received a fantastic text from Don Mann, the race director behind the legendary Primal Quest adventure races, and my boss for the past two PQ’s which took place in 2008 and 2009. The text simply read: “Hello Kraig. … Read more

Primal Quest Badlands Web Episodes #10

Once more we have another video from Primal Quest Badlands courtesy of Adventure World Magazine and Randy Ericksen. In this clip we hear from a number of racers about what their experiences were like during the race, including what they found the most challenging, what they liked best, and so on. I’m not sure if … Read more

Primal Quest Badlands Web Episodes #9

The new year brings another Primal Quest Badlands Episode courtesy of Adventure World Magazine and Randy Ericksen. In the last episode, we saw eventual champs Team Orion Health cross the finish line, claiming victory in the 600-mile long race through South Dakota’s Black Hills and Badlands. In this latest episode, we catch up with some … Read more

Primal Quest Badlands Web Episodes #8

Adventure World Magazine has posted the eighth, and quite possibly final, web episode from Primal Quest Badlands. This video, like the rest of the series, was produced by Randy Erickson, and shows racer winners Team Orion Health reaching the finish line and celebrating their big win. The exhausted team won the race after nearly 8 … Read more