The Adventure Podcast Episode 107: A Conversation with Explorer Ray Zahab

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On this week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast, we welcome our guest Ray Zahab. Ray is an amazing explorer who has traversed some of the world’s largest and most remote deserts on foot. That includes spending 111 days crossing the Sahara, as well as running across the Gobi, Atacama, and Namib Deserts as well. His … Read more

Two Explorers Launch Arctic Extreme Expedition in Canada

Two ultrarunners are about to embark on a challenge expedition through the Canadian Arctic to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Today, ultrarunners Ray Zahab and Stefano Gregoretti set out on an adventure that will take them through three separate regions of the country, covering approximately 1000 km (621 miles) during the coldest, harshest conditions of the … Read more

Video: Meet Ray Zahab – Extreme Adventure Athlete

Ray Zahab has been a frequent subject of posts on this blog over the years as we’ve followed his adventures across the globe. He is an ultra-runner and adventure athlete whose resume includes such feats as running across the Sahara, Gobi, and Atacama Deserts, as well as several expeditions into the Canadian Arctic. In this … Read more

i2P Youth Ambassadors Complete Atacama Expedition

Last week I posted about the start of the latest youth expedition from impossible2Possible, the organization that connects with classrooms to educate young people through the use of adventure. At the time, the five youth ambassadors were just preparing to set out on their journey, which was a long distance run across the Atacama Desert … Read more

impossible2Possible Youth Expedition Across Atacama Desert Set To Get Underway

The team at impossible2Possible are getting ready to do it again. Their latest youth expedition is preparing to get underway in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. This time, a team of five i2P Youth Ambassadors will attempt to run a marathon a day, for six days, across the driest desert on the planet. As … Read more

impossible2Possible Youth Ambassadors To Run The Atacama Desert!

The impossible2Possible team has announced their next expedition, and continuing with their tradition of running through some of the more remote, and beautiful, destinations, the i2P youth ambassadors will next turn their sites on the Atacama Desert. As with all of the organization’s efforts, part of the expedition’s mission will be to engage students in … Read more

Ultrarunners To Attempt Winter Baffin Island Crossing

The 2014 Arctic expedition season is about a week away from starting, and teams of explorers are now busily putting the final touches on their preparation work. Some of them will be attempting to reach the North Pole, while others will be exploring the Arctic in order to conduct research into climate change. But one … Read more