The Adventure Podcast Episode 103: An Interview with Rebecca Rusch

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On this week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast we welcome endurance athlete, mountain biker and Queen of Pain Rebecca Rusch to the show. We spend more than an hour talking to Rebecca about her career as an adventure racer and mountain biker, how she stays motivated during the pandemic, what its like to ride your … Read more

Video: Rebecca Rusch’s 1200-Mile Journey to Find Her Father

One of the more impressive looking adventure documentaries that has come our way in quite some time is called Blood Road. It follows mountain biker and endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch as she rides some 1200 miles (1931 km) along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam in search of her father’s final resting place. He … Read more

Video: Blood Road Preview Shows Us the Dangers of Mountain Biking in Vietnam

We’ve mentioned Rebecca Rusch’s fantastic looking documentary Blood Road before. The film sends her on a very personal journey to Vietnam, which she explores on mountain bike as she searches for answers about her father’s death during that country’s war with the U.S. in the 60’s and 70’s. Today, we have another clip from the … Read more

Video: Official Trailer for Blood Road – Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam with Rebecca Rusch

If you’re looking for an amazing adventure documentary to get excited about, we may have just found one for you. This video is the trailer for a new film called Blood Road, which follows endurance athlete and mountain biker Rebecca Rusch as she travels to Vietnam to ride 1200 miles (1931 km) along the Ho … Read more

Video: Mountain Biker Rebecca Rusch Sets New Speed Record On Kokopelli Trail

The 142-mile long Kokopelli Trail stretches from Moab, Utah to Fruita, Colorado and is a popular with both backpackers and mountain bikers. Recently, the Queen of Pain herself, Rebecca Rusch took to the trail in an attempt to set a new speed record. If you’re familiar with Rebecca’s body of work, you already know she … Read more